Renter’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is the condition of the rental home?
A: Fresh clean remodel of the entire home including paint, carpet and thorough cleaning of all surfaces. Any problems with regard to the condition of the property on move-in should be noted on the walk-through checklist of the lease.

Q: What about appliances?
A: We include fresh new or refurbished Refrigerator, Washer & Dryer included in the rent. Rent reduction available if you bring your own appliances. Most homes include built-in Microwave ovens and cook tops. Others have built in gas or electric ranges.

Q: Who is responsible for maintenance of major systems, such as air conditioning?
A: DMJ has all air conditioning units under maintenance contracts, so your responsibility is to simply change the indoor filters once a month. Most homes have two ground mounted AC units. Maintenance contracts are included in your rent for AC and appliances we provide.

Q: What about Home Owners Associations?
A: Many of our properties are situated in deed restricted communities. We have all heard how an HOA can be difficult to work with, so DMJ takes the responsibility for the HOA Liaison and we pay the fees … though not fines assessed for community violations. As a tenant you are obliged to comply with the terms of the HOA Conditions, Covenants and Restrictions just as though you own the property.

Q: What about landscape maintenance?
A: Your lot will be in pristine condition upon move in, but you need to maintain the landscaping thereafter. We will help with cleanup and repairs in the event of storm damage.

Q: Who is responsible for Pest Control?
A: DMJ maintains pest control for termites but you will be responsible to control other pests after move-in. We guarantee zero pests prior to occupancy.

Q: Who do we call for leaky faucets, no hot water, drain problems, electrical problems, broken windows, garage door issues?
A: Call our toll free or office phone numbers below. You will also be provided with an emergency number to call in the event you need help after office hours or on weekend and holidays.

Q: Do I need identification to use the community amenities?
A: Yes, you will be asked to provide a photo ID that bears the address of your rental home in order to access some community amenities such as swimming pools, golf clubs or gym facilities.

Q: Do I need to register with the HOA management office?
A: We will do that for you. Some HOAs require tenant registration as well as tenant signatures on a Crime-Free Lease Addendum or other documents. We will be sure to provide you with these forms as necessary.

Q: What is “Additional Rent”?
A: Additional Rent is any charge or expense we incur on your behalf that you are unable or unwilling to pay. You are responsible for paying HOA fines, routine house maintenance needs, charges for late rent payments, contractor charges for yard or lawn maintenance. In the event you do not pay these charges DMJ will pay for these services or items and the costs will be passed along to you as additional rent. A failure to pay the additional rent charges will result in a lease default or additional late payment charges.

Q: Can I change the locks?
A: You may but please give us notice you have done so and provide us with 1 emergency entry key. If we are unable to access the property in an emergency you will be responsible for any damage to the property that may be caused by our forcible entry.

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