Our Investors

Company Description

SUNLAND investment focus is to purchase distressed real estate primarily in the Phoenix, Arizona  metropolitan area. The goal is to buy undervalued real estate, leasing it and eventually selling it when favorable markets prevail. SUNLAND and its related entities search, negotiate, purchase, acquire, renovate, and manage all properties. Presently the firm owns single-family residence properties and have several properties scheduled for closing.


The real estate investment model of the Companies is premised on the likelihood of future market value appreciation. Even modest appreciation, unlike the run-up of real estate prices in the mid-2000s, will produce attractive exit pricing opportunities. The model is not dependent on being able to buy and sell properties quickly or exit from them in a hasty manner. This business model is not dependent on future asset appreciation to meet its objectives. In this distressed market, investors that have the resources are able to acquire properties at a discount or at a cost that is below its anticipated fair market value and patiently hold these properties until the market stabilizes in a meaningful way. Accordingly, our general investment strategy will be to purchase distressed homes and mortgages that are in excellent condition and will cash flow with a tenant. Families displaced by the avalanche of foreclosures and short-sales need a place to live and provide a responsible and ready market for single-family home residential rentals. The Companies also look at purchasing commercial buildings and paper that cash flow with existing tenants that occupy the space. The Companies will evaluate land currently on the market that is languishing at very compelling prices; again, the Companies will sell this property as market conditions improve. We will rent properties until it is an appropriate time to dispose of the asset The Companies will provide for tenant-advantaged pricing to purchase the properties they are occupying. This tenant purchase opportunity will significantly reduce marketing costs and sales closure times and expenses. We will acquire residential, commercial and land assets that are being offered singularly or in portfolios by banks, real estate owners, lenders government agencies and developers.

The Market

Arizona continues to be one of the fastest growing states in the country yet only about 17% of the land is privately owned. Approximately 110,000 new residents call Arizona home each year. As of 2007, the population of Arizona was approximately 6.3 million, which is 1.2 million more than the number of people living in the state in 2000. In 2007, Arizona’s population increase was the sixth largest in the nation. Since the 1950’s, Arizona has ranked within the top five nationally in population, employment and personal income growth. Arizona and the Phoenix-metro markets will continue to lead the U.S. in growth for many reasons including: Arizona’s reputation for clean industrial growth, its attractiveness as a sunny and warmer retirement destination, the cultural diversity of the southwest, comparatively less expensive housing stock, lower state and local taxes, low crime rates, affordable educational resources and an abundance of recreational and entertainment venues. Arizona has earned a reputation for being a safe and economically vibrant location to engage in the community, raise your family and pursue an affordably higher quality of living. Opportunity, security, affordability and lifestyle pursuits will make Arizona a vital and growing market for many years to come.